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lash lift + tint 

Certification Class

small classes | theory | demos | live models

Get in on this new beauty trend that’s taking the beauty industry by storm – lash lift and lash tint! Lash lifting & tinting is fast becoming an in-demand beauty add-on service. It’s a service that many beauty salons overlook but the truth is providing lash tinting and lifting can really boost your profits. In today’s health-conscious world, more individuals are searching for a practical alternative to mascara, which can smudge and run. The best alternative is lash tinting and lifting which gives lashes a thicker, longer appearance without any of the mess that comes with mascara or even lash extensions. And, lashes stay healthy, lifted and luscious for 6-8 weeks! 


About the Program


We offer small-sized classes (no more than 4 students) to accommodate health and beauty industry professionals in the Greater Phoenix area. These workshops are ideal for hairdressers, estheticians, make-up artists and nail techs as an added service to existing clients or building on a new clientele.

Your 6-hour training session covers (among many others):

  • A comprehensive exploration and practical guidance on all aspects of this luxury lash treatment.

  • Eye, Skin and Hair Anatomy

  • Health & Safety Theory

  • Product Knowledge

  • Comprehensive Practical Application of Lash Lift & Lash Tint

  • Procedure & Station Set-up

  • Silicone Lift Pad Sizes

  • Proper Rod Placement

  • Eye Preparation

  • Dye Mixing

  • Client Consultation & Aftercare

  • Live Demonstration

  • Real hands on  training with live model (must bring your own)

  • For more information, read our FAQs or

contact us at 480.420.9104 |

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