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$200 Full Brow per session

$50 per spot treatment on pre-existing tattooed brows

* $50 off each removal session will go towards the cost of Microblading if you decide you want new brows

**Consultation required in order to get a proper quote and if you have conventional tattoos that need removing

The Newest conventional & cosmetic tattoo removal method...

Using Li-FT, an All Natural,  non-acid, high salt based, fruit seed extract removal product

This NON-Laser Hypertonic Method is an effective way to UNDO your tattoo, that also has various advantages over traditional laser therapies including:

  • Less Sessions

  • Less Invasive

  • Costs less 

This method is effective on all types of tattoos, cosmetic or conventional, regardless of age, color, and location.  Li-FT is applied using traditional tattoo equipment in a very similar fashion to how your original tattoo was first applied.

Inquire within for more information

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