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Eyelash extensions are the newest revolution that lengthens and thickens eyelashes. Each single synthetic eyelash is applied on your individual natural lash for a natural, elegant, long, more vibrant and luscious lash. The synthetic eyelashes replicate the human lash. They are soft, flexible and naturally curved.

Tints 'N' Curls​


Lash Tint $18

Make every lash count! our signature tint creates fabulously defined lashes from root to tip! ​​Perfect if you are sensitive to eye makeup, active in sports or wear contacts.



Anti-Gravity Lash Lift & Tint $200                   

I's goodbye eyelash curler, hello lash lift! This innovative treatment lifts lashes directly from the root up!​

Why it works: unlike traditional lash perms that require lashes to be wrapped around a sponge rod {translation: short lashes need not apply}, this all new treatment uses soft silicone pads that lift lashes right from the root to brighten and lift your entire face. Brighter. Fuller. Longer. Lasts 8-10 weeks​

Keratin Lash Lift & Tint $300

This is your Lash Lift on steroids! It's everything the Anti-Gravity Lash Lift & Tint has to offer but better!

If your lashes seem thin and barley there, this is for you!

Keratin is a protein composed of amino acid to strengthen and fill in gaps in your follicles making your lashes stronger and healthier. This is a great service to get after removing your eyelash extensions for an EXTRA lash boost!



Brow Maintenance $25

Includes tint and cleanup


Lip $10

Chin $10

Face $35



 Eyelash Extensions












Born Lucky $125 (Partial Set)                  

lush & natural, just the way mother nature intended. 45 LPE

why you'll love it: although we totally dig high drama lashes for night, the office may call for something a little more subtle, like this staple-worthy look of 2 coats of mascara. boardroom to boardwalk -- it's all you'll ever need!​



Bombshell $195 (Full Set)    most requested!

you're fun & fearless and hailing a cab just got that much easier! 75-100 LPE

why it rocks: with just about every lash receiving some extra special VLC (volume, length, & curl!), this look is your go-to when seeking to flash seriously flirty weapons of mass seduction. if lashes were lingerie, this look would be the push-up bra -- Va va Voom!​ ​ ​


Volume Lashes $300 (Full Set)

Our fullest and most dramatic set yet! 150-200 lashes per eye. If you're wanting a thicker, fuller, and more volumized look, this set is for you! Talk about Vivacious Lashes!


Classic Refills $​60

1 hour recommended every 2 - 3 weeks


Classic Extended Refill $75

1.5 hours


Volume Refill $85

1.5 hours recommened every 4-5 weeks


Removal $40

Free with a new set



























Special Promotion


50% Off Full Set of Lash Extension or a Lash Lift

-First Time Customer Promotion-

Contact Us today to schedule your appointment!



TIME SAVING TIPS Timing depends on various factors. How quickly we can go, in the amount of time we have. We can go quickly by showing up with a freshly cleansed face and no Moisturizers in the lash areas. Come 20 min early to your first appt. so you can fill out your paper work. Turn off your cell phones. Having and empty bladder helps to enjoy your pampering time. Most clients get so relaxed that they do fall asleep. That's our goal.


Eyelash Extension Bundles - Buy more and SAVE!



       Bundle #1   $215  Full set with 1 Refill (Reg. $255 - a $40 savings)

       Bundle #2   $316  Full set with 3 Refills  (Reg. $375 - a $59 savings)

       Bundle #3   $450  Full set with 6 Refills  (Reg. $555 - a $105 savings)

       Bundle #4   $159  3 Refills (Reg. $180 - a $21 savings)


       Bundle #5   $294  6 Refills (Reg. $360 - a $66 savings)

       Bundle #6   $234  3 Volume Refills for $234 (Reg. $255) 


       Bundle #7   $444 6 Volume Refills for $444 (Reg. $510)



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